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5 practical ideas to stay ahead in digital agency business

Running an independent digital agency business is a tricky affair in any part of the globe. Speak to any startup agency founder, they would tell you exactly what pain they went through in setting up their company. Poor cash flows & bad… Continue Reading →

RIP CMO, viva CDO!

As the adoption of digital media and devices surges, digital is getting pushed towards the ‘most basic need’ in Maslow’s Pyramid. Digital readiness is now looked upon as the key differentiator and also a success factor for any organisation’s future… Continue Reading →

Digital Media Strategy – The Past, Present & Future

Digital Media Strategy – The Past Back in mid 2000’s, digital media strategy was just an excel crunching and data munching job. It was nothing more than a cost optimised ms-excel plan. Almost all the plans followed the same construct, lots of rich… Continue Reading →

Razorfish Announces COSMOS™ Data Intelligence Platform

Razorfish, the world leader in helping global brands drive customer obsessed business transformation, has launched a new data intelligence platform, COSMOS™. COSMOS is the first-of-its-kind offering that uniquely combines cognitive algorithms, data intelligence and machine learning to create timely, relevant… Continue Reading →

Search is the beginning, middle & end of every buying journey

More than a decade ago, when I started my digital marketing career, concepts like consumer journey were non-existent in the agency parlance. In fact, no marketer was even asking this question to their agency. Perhaps digital was not considered strategic enough. But travel… Continue Reading →

How to approach Mobile Marketing Strategy as a CMO?

Let me tell you something, if you are a CMO who is creating the mobile strategy for the first time, then only god can help you. Guess what, the fault is not yours. Mobile marketing space has become increasingly complex… Continue Reading →

Here’s why digital agencies face high attrition rates

Lack of skilled digital marketing talent and high attrition rates of existing resources has literally choked the growth of digital agencies in India.  This trend remains consistent across independent local agencies and large global conglomerates. Based on my past discussions with… Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing for CMOs – rocket science or a piece of cake?

In 2016, I completed a decade long career in the world of digital marketing and advertising. Over the years, I’ve seen the nature of client queries & problem statements changing quite dramatically. From a very simple one liner like “We want to… Continue Reading →

Digital trends for multichannel retail

With the number of e-retail startups entering the landscape, soon retail brands would find it difficult to differentiate the value proposition. Though ecommerce would be driving incremental revenue, for complete business transformation, retail would be focussing on multichannel optimization in the coming years…. Continue Reading →

Digital Trends for Travel Brands in 2016

Digital trends in the last one decade have shown a massive paradigm change in the entire value chain starting from the local travel operator to multi million dollar enterprise company. Travel is arguably the most evolved vertical in the eCommerce space. After… Continue Reading →

Google right hand side ads are gone – what does it mean for brands?

Google AdWords, will soon display four ads above organic search results, no ads to the right of search results, and three additional ads below search results, according to The SEM Post. At the same time, the company says it may show… Continue Reading →

Why job hopping is losing its negative stigma globally?

Before I say anything, let me first confess that I’ve been a job hopper in my career (only the first half of it), and this post is not written in self defence. Nor this is written to support job hopping… Continue Reading →

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