Category: Digital Marketing

In the last 2 decades, digital marketing channels and technology innovations has transformed marketing and advertising completely.

Hence formulating a robust Digital Marketing strategy is on the top priority of every marketing led organisation.

Unlike offline marketing, digital marketing has multiple channels which requires separate media planning and strategy:

  • Search engine marketing ( SEM )
  • Search engine optimisation ( SEO )
  • Social media marketing ( SMM )
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

Digital marketing strategies require deep understanding of digital trends, audience insights, data analytics, technology platforms and optimising brand presence across channels like google, facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram, Whatsapp etc.


drawing business concept for startup digital strategy

Digital Strategy Template – for startups & small business

Prologue Building a Digital Strategy Template, is on the wish list of almost each and every individual in the digital advertising business, every tech entrepreneur, existing startups or marketing communication teams in corporates. But can we really create a generic strategy template? Lets find out. People in the traditional advertising would definitely know about the role of a “strategic planner“. They are...