Decoding Digital PR Strategy in India

Continuing from my previous post about how a PR company could possibly bring a significant change to the digital ecosystem in India. Here’s a basic presentation as to how any small Public Relations company can build a 360 degree Digital PR Strategy Services portfolio for their clients and improve upon their revenues in long term.

Key Highlights of Digital PR Strategy Approach

  1. Smartphones have seen an exponential rise in India in the last 5 years. The total number of mobiles would touch 900+ million by December 2014, out of which 100+ million would be smartphones ( read this )
  2. Close to 14+ million booked tickets online, a whopping 60 million eCommerce transactions and 26 million people joined Facebook in 2013-14
  3. became the first eCommerce portal to feature in the top 10 traffic websites in the country.
  4. 21% of the Pinterest’s profiles are coming from India.
  5. Close to 48% of consumer searches for products start on the smartphones.
  6. Google’s online search revenue is going down, courtesy an exponential growth of Android.
  7. Estimated Digital Market Size is around INR 8396 Crore
  8. Sales Strategy should be divided into Transactional & Experiential
  9. 9 reasons why digital would grow further:
    • 5000 mid sized companies with 1000 cr+ turnover
    • 30+ B2B verticals which are still untouched by digital agencies
    • 75000+ NGO with little digital presence
    • 200,000 SMBs with >100 cr revenue
    • Booming Startup Ecosystem in India
    • Over 1500 crores of e-governance budget in centre & state budget
    • India is on its way to become 3rd largest mobile market in the world
    • Both Google & Facebook have committed their strategic investments in India in next 3-4 yrs

Piyush Aggarwal

Piyush Aggarwal is Head of Programmatic Platforms Strategy (APAC) @ Brightcom Singapore | Marketing Technologist | Analytics Specialist | Digital Trainer | Startup Consultant | Kindler | iPhone Photographer...So far So Good!

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