Digital Marketing Course ‘Squared’ is now in India


For all those who wish to enter the Digital Marketing industry in India, these are truly fascinating time. Google has just launched their much popular and award winning online learning platform “Squared” in India as well. Squared programme has been crowdsourced by leading employers to meet the need for high calibre digital talent and leadership.

I seriously wish if something like this existed when I started working 10 years ago in the Digital Advertising space. There was a huge vacuum for freshers like me. Most of that learning happened on the job itself. There were very limited trusted resources to know more about digital marketing as a science.

A clinically crafted course by Industry experts, squared is an ideal for Marketing managers, advertising leaders, Digital Talent Hunters ( I think they badly need this one as they have limited clue about the profile of candidates they are looking for). One of the most critical features of the course would be collaboration, which, to me is the best form of learning in today’s times.

Squared was first piloted in Britain, where more than 300 employees from 60 agencies and advertisers participated over a period of time.

“Digital is an integral part of any successful brand strategy today, yet finding people with the right skills on digital is a constant challenge. Squared focuses on addressing this need,” said Punitha Arumugam, head of agency business (India and SEA) at Google.

Google will kick off the Squared programme on June 22 in India.


Piyush Aggarwal

Piyush Aggarwal is Head of Programmatic Platforms Strategy (APAC) @ Brightcom Singapore | Marketing Technologist | Analytics Specialist | Digital Trainer | Startup Consultant | Kindler | iPhone Photographer...So far So Good!