Digital Marketing Strategy for Accounting Firms

We all know Accounting is a serious business. Chartered accounting firms can make a huge impact in anyone’s business not just by managing their books efficiently but also by offering brilliant tax & finance related advice to the business owners & decision makers. But the challenge of finding newer clients & growing one’s business is an uphill task for any small firm or individual.

The rise of digital medium & social media in particular has been a huge blessing for all the independent accounting professionals & small firms who were earlier not able to find customers easily. It has offered them a space to create a self owned platform for thought leadership within their professional community & further using it with great effect to pull newer clients & customers.

Here are key digital marketing strategies for accounting companies:

#1 Create domain specific content

There are tonnes of companies out there who are selling the same service as you are. You need to find a little edge when you are communicating with your potential customers.

This is not much of an issue in case of smaller clients but when there is a big client discussing business with you, he would surely go through your marketing pitch on the website to know more about you before he starts working with you.

Creating powerful but differentiated domain specific content makes a huge difference to your client’s psyche. For instance, you can talk about auditory methods or best practices for a specific industry vertical in which you have specialized over the years in your accounting practice. You can do that by creating ebooks, or write series of blog post & send it to your customers in the form of newsletters of emailers.

#2 Responsive Website Design

Needless to remind you that the world has moved to Smartphones and in all probability your customers are accessing your content on their Apple or Samsung smartphones or tablets. This means, conventional HTML website would not work anymore, your website needs to be HTML5 compatible in order to offer great experience to your audience on any device.

#3 Video Blogging

As a Accounting firm, you don’t need an expensive corporate video. Quality videos can be done through Google HangoutsYouTube or even Apple PhotoBooth . The goal is to present your professionals and clients in personal ways that attract views and interest in the firm. Video is perhaps the most authentic way that people (your customers) would know you better. 

#4 Corporate Blogging

There is a famous saying in the blogging world, “Single blog post a day, keeps your marketing problems away”. This is so very true, especially in a B2B environment where there is a constant battle of thought leadership & where an independent professional or practitioner has to prove his knowledge & talent every single day.

Blog is an active way of sealing your position in the mind of your audience. Stop being a part of the crowd by placing a classified ads in the newspaper. That is so very old school, rather pick up your laptop or iPad & start writing few words before you go to bed. You never know, those few words  may get you your next big customer. Yes, that is possible!

#5 Gated Content

When content is tied to your sales process, it should be gated by requiring an email address for download. It helps qualify more serious prospects and gives firms a specific reason to follow up. Whether or not you use gated content, you should have a designated person to field business queries that come in from the website.

#6 Liquid Content

Create content which your customer can consume easily in their day-to-day lives. In fact, not just consume but he should be motivated to share as well. Add value to his daily routine by sending him valuable tips to save tax or increasing savings by doing small things. These days you can do that through WatsApp very easily. After all, nobody would mind getting free tips on tax saving in their Watsapp, would they? 🙂

#7 The Human Connect

Accounting, as a profession or domain is full of numbers and more numbers. The never ending world of tally reports & excel sheets can tire any human on this planet. Remember, your client is a normal human being and he needs change after a long day spent with excel sheets & numbers. Create some light hearted content which can bring some smile on his face. Bring the human connect into picture so that he can see the light side of you.

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