Why every digital startup needs a Chief Critique Officer

The concept of an opposition party in India is slowly becoming a nostalgic affair for the masses, media & political pundits (Read this: India’s missing opposition parties). While some of you may just say that current Narendra Modi government is the best thing happened to this country since 1947, I would like to add a bit of perspective to the whole situation.

As a startup consultant, I believe in sharing analogies with my startup clients & business owners that they could relate with from their surroundings. The current political environment offers loads of such learnings to upcoming & established startups & entrepreneurs.

Lets come back to the point of having a constructive opposition.

For those who believe that lack of opposition is the best & perhaps the only solution to all of our current issues, I want them to watch the below 2 videos:

First is a talk by Martin R. Schneider on Importance of Critics in Society.

2nd, is a video by Drew Lawrence on how to accept criticism:

Without doubt, India, with all its multi-cultural, multi-lingual & multi-everything, is an immensely complex socio-politico-economic landscape. As a head of the state, Mr. Modi’s role is not just to bring balance to the whole system but also keep the pool of ideas growing continuously.

Whether its a country or a startup organisation, any idea gets validated only when it is constructively critiqued by the people other than the one who created it.

But it is easier said than done. After all, who likes resistance or criticism anyways? A lot of startups hire people whom they believe are “self motivated” and talented (but dumb enough) to follow their vision blindly (at times when there is no vision at all).

I believe opposition or critique is extremely crucial at each and every step, right from the point when an idea is just an idea to when it goes inside the execution box. For a government or a startup, it offers the opportunity to measure their ideas against reality or sometimes even outrightly avoid going down that path.

The current Indian government led by Mr. Modi may have won on high popular sentiment but the victory is at the expense of creating a world which is devoid of any opposition perspective which is not just counter productive for the present government but also dangerous for the nation.

In my opinion, the present government is nothing more than an overgrown startup company which has received too much of investment in the Round 1 itself and they don’t even know if their idea can generate the return on investment for the investor.

In this kind of situation, you would always need people around you who could genuinely critique you (even argue wherever required) so that the business does not go haywire.

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