Google adds forecasting to its Adwords display planner

In a Google+ post, the AdWords team announced the update to AdWords Display Planner, writing the enhancements now help “forecast how many clicks and impressions are available in your bid and budget range — based on current auction data.

The estimates rely on current auction data and show projections over time. The Display Planner will also show how much of the budget entered is likely to be spent with the placements selected.

For those who use Adwords frequently, to see this forecast data, select “Get performance forecasts for your targeting” from the Display Planner start page.

The Google Smart Goals program allows marketers to define AdWords conversions and then optimise campaigns based on that data.

In a separate blog post, Google software engineer Abishek Sethi and product manager Joan Arensman wrote,

To generate Smart Goals, we apply machine learning across thousands of websites that use Google Analytics and have opted in to share anonymised conversion data. From this information, we can distill dozens of key factors that correlate with likelihood to convert: things like session duration, pages per session, location, device and browser.

A great news for everyone in the digital media planning fraternity as this will help you plan campaigns better by providing a clearer picture of the performance you can expect.