Digital Trends in Mobile App Marketing for 2014

With the pace at which connected tech is evolving, very soon Smart TVs, integrating television along with the power Internet technologies and social media, will replace Television.

Having said that, India is still world’s third largest television market in the world with a combined viewership of 415 million. Millions of these potential Consumers still consuming majority of their daily entertainment & infotainment through television broadcast on a daily basis.

The interesting fact however, is that they watch it differently than before, using social media to comment TV programs and watching other contents on a second and even third screen with the emergence of mobiles and tablets [see the graph below on App Downloads in 2014].

India App downloads trends 2014
India App downloads trends 2014

[Courtesy: App Annie Intelligence]

Historically, in the 80s & 90’s, almost all the brands were built on the idiot box. From a small baby soap to a large automobile, television screen gave wings to a whole generation of brands in the past.

It would be appropriate to call 2014 as the “Year of the Apps“. While on one side, discussions around e-commerce investments in India swiped every single VC boardroom, retail conferences, global seminars & business desks of leading national dailies,  mobile application ecosystem was making a serious impact to the business at large.

Year 2014 saw a huge shift in the marketing & advertising approach from the likes of Flipkart, Snapdeal, OLX, Quickr, Amazon & Askme. Almost all these players focussed (with clinical precision), bulk of marketing resources & dollars towards building & promoting their apps (Also Read: Online retailers like Flipkart, Snapdeal turn marketing focus to mobiles) . Considering India’s Smartphone user base has touched serious proportions (~117 million and growing), it is not a bad strategy after all.

Flipkart – The Big Billion Day

flipkart big billion day sale october 2014
Flipkart big billion day sale – October 2014

As quoted on the Betaglide Blog by Manan Shah:

Flipkart was the first e-commerce player to give a major push on mobile apps. It has recorded more than 1 million downloads just in the pre-run to the the Big Billion Day sale and climbed to reach the top of play store charts in India. Flipkart has consistently occupied no.1 position on playstore charts in India for shopping category. The campaign for big billion day sale however had a great effect on number of downloads.

You can read the complete article here

Apps on Television

Interestingly, all the above mentioned online brands spent bulk of their mobile app marketing budget in Television to promote their apps.

  1. Flipkart – Little girl in red dress ad

  1. Snapdeal – Mere haath mein kuchh bhi nahin hai by FCB Ulka

  1. OLX – Sab Kuchh Bikta Hai, Bechne wala Chahiye – Kapil Sharma Series 

OLX took the battle to an altogether new level by using back to back guerrilla marketing videos which were simple & viral-able. Most importantly, they connected with the masses almost instantly.

  1.  Ask Me commercials by Ranbir Kapoor

Despite an astronomical rise in the digital media consumption, there is no doubt, that Television is the new screen to conquer for app developers. The only way App companies can increase the penetration for their apps is by creation powerful stories around their apps to build a strong value proposition for the masses.

Year 2014 has certainly opened a new chapter in the India’s digital history which will continue its march at a much faster rate in 2015.

Piyush Aggarwal

Piyush Aggarwal is Head of Programmatic Platforms Strategy (APAC) @ Brightcom Singapore | Marketing Technologist | Analytics Specialist | Digital Trainer | Startup Consultant | Kindler | iPhone Photographer...So far So Good!

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  1. hello sir,

    this is Sudhakar Reddy from bangalore, generally how much amount take for app marketing in social media like facebook, twiter, google+………

    thanks & Regards,
    Sudhakar reddy

  2. Sudhakar, in my opinion money should be spent in building the app and making it stronger. Amount of money depends upon the type of app and the category in which you are.

    For instance if you are competing in the e-commerce space, then it is extremely high as you have to spend money in building your brand first only then people would download the app.

    However, if you are promoting a gaming app, it can be done easily and would cost 30-40 per download in android & 50-60 in apple initially and would come down eventually.

    I would suggest you to first create buzz around the app in the social media using blogs, facebook & twitter and build some loyal audience before you spend money.

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