Mobile first approach is now a must for brands

There has been a constant debate around the role of mobile in the present digital ecosystem.
While on one side, few digital & social media enthusiast are completely tilting their opinion towards use of mobile applications and rich media, another section is extremely bullish towards mobile video & its capabilities in taking the brand message to the end consumer.

In the meantime, Mobile has already crossed the stage where it was just a part of those endless client-agency brief meetings. Today it has the power to justify the status of “Next big mass medium” by virtue of the sheer numbers it possess.

Mobile internet adoption is growing at a faster rate than the adoption of radio, internet and television. By 2015, nearly two-thirds of all “online” advertising will be served up by a mobile device.

According to latest comScore reports, out of 234 million mobile user base of Age 13+ in the United States, 22% accesses videos on mobile & over 11% watches TV on their mobile device.

Almost 22% of those with HHI $50K+ accesses the video content through their mobile. These figures may look small compared to overall size of the market but from a digital consumption point of view, these are definitely huge & still going strong exponentially.

While mobile is a great complement for conventional brand marketing, mobile display & rich media are greater for direct response & engagement. Perhaps the answer lies in the way any advertiser would be using mobile videos in their digital media mix.

Conventionally, most of the digital agencies are recommending standard run of the mill pre-rolls to all their clients, just to keep their client’s investments safe & to give better ROI for the brand. On one side it may be growing the mobile video category, but it is shrinking the rest of the mobile by limiting the possibilities & typecasting the medium in the eye of the marketeer.

Lets find out how various marketeers are using Mobile currently as a part of their overall marketing efforts.

Mobile Media Marketing Tactics used by Brands & Marketers

Marketers are focusing on mobile as another messaging channel, and mostly ignoring its potential as a medium through which to build deeper customer relationships. The beauty of  mobile is not just taking the brand message & delivering it to a wider targeted audience, but it is actually adding another layer of engagement with the customer before, during & after the point of purchase.

Mobile media intelligene, if effectively used, can peel off deep complex layers of human behavior when exposed to certain communication. Today, Mobile as a device allows a user to touch & engage with a brand message in a certain space & time. The information, if used for segmentation of brand audience can help create rich audience experience over time.

Jason Spero from Google talks about the mobile revolution in the usage of devices that has happened over time. He explains the importance of mobile and how to use mobile to connect with your already engaged consumers.

The global marketers surveyed by Marketing Charts do see the potential for mobile as a relationship-building channel, even if they haven’t yet fully embraced it in such a way. 55% cited mobile’s accessibility and always-on nature as a critical benefit, and about half feel that mobile will play a role in influencing customer interactions through its ability to provide more relevant and personalised experiences. This further proves that what’s holding marketers back are immature irrational & inexplicable strategies and a lack of talent to produce the right content.

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