Ppat task 4 essay

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Ppat task 4 essay
With each check-in, the student would be instructed in 13 the essay that needed focus. What feedback did you provide to the Aboriginal relations business plan students answers these students are developing a pride and responsibility. By allowing students to work to discover their own task I could take account of any additional information that I needed to remember or found interesting them in school but within their lives.

Students will have to brainstorm several key elements including what type of hook, attention getter, transition words, and emotions to use in their writings. This will also help them understand that there are many ways to hook a reader, grab their attention, shift focus, and leave a lasting impression on the reader.

This learning activity gives students options in their writing, and they are able to test certain elements to see if they will work in their writing. Strategy Groups- several check-ins with students will enable the teacher to determine their progress towards specific learning goals for their own writing. This also will help students prepare for becoming independent writers and ensure that they are using all the elements of the writing process correctly.

Students who struggle on various portions will receive more instruction and scaffolding with the teacher to help improve their skills.

This grouping prepares them for the assessment by ensuring that they are confident in their ability to use the skill in their own writing, especially when it is time to write independently. What materials and resources, including technology, will you use to administer the assessment? Materials- Students will use colored pencils and a thesaurus throughout the writing process.

They will use colored pencils for making revisions and underlining key elements. Students will also use a thesaurus to find words that help them use vivid vocabulary.

Resources- Throughout the unit, students will need to refer to the Golden Ticket packet. The Golden Ticket is a graphic organizer students use during the writing process. This helps students understand the writing process. Kid Friendly Rubric- Students are introduced to the assessment during the writing process. After all revisions and students complete final drafts, students are given a copy of the Kid Friendly Rubric. Students self-assess before I assess them. Identify two Focus Students with different learning needs and for whom you will need to modify the assessment.

Provide a rationale for selecting each of the students. Refer to them as Focus Student 1 and Focus Student 2 as you respond to the guiding prompts below. Focus Student 1- Focus Student 1 struggles in many areas academically. This students g rades range from Bs to Ds. Scaffolding is a must for this student because he needs the extra attention and repetition of skills. The student also has trouble with attention span, and he is distracted by objects or people around him.

For the assessment, the student will require more scaffolding and one-on-one guidance from the teacher. Focus Student 2- Focus Student 2 is a gifted student who does no struggle academically. This students grades range from As to Bs. This student does have behavioral issue s that greatly impact his learning abilities on a day-to-day basis.

Like Focus Student 1, this student also has trouble with focus and often becomes distracted by objects or people around him. For the assessment, this student will not require as much scaffolding as for Student 1 and can complete the task with little assistance. Based on their specific learning needs, how will you modify the assessment for each of the two Focus Students?

Provide a rationale for each decision. Focus Student 1- Student 1, will require more scaffolding of the concepts learned. With his specific learning needs, this student will be monitored closely, and any need for scaffolding will be addressed teacher-to-student.

This student will also be in two strategy groups per week to focus on his lowest areas evidenced by his scores on the rubric from the previous writing sample. To modify the assessment, the student will be expected to have all of the parts or attempted all parts of an effective essay in his writing. Focus Student 2- Student 2, will require less scaffolding of the concepts learned. Unlike Student 1, this student will be monitored once a week to see how the student is coming along and if there should be any adjustments or a need for scaffolding.

This student will be in one strategy group per week to receive extra instruction on his lowest areas evidenced by his scores on the rubric from the previous writing sample. To modify the assessment, the student is expected to have all parts of an effective essay clearly in his writing sample.

Provide a rationale. The rubric aligned with the learning goals by providing clear and detailed aspects, which to look for in student writing samples. The rubric has four domains with an assigned value of points, one through four. Each column clearly states what each child needs to have in order to obtain that point value. For the student to have an effective essay, all parts must be included in his writing. For content and development, the student must have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion, indenting each paragraph and having transition words Organization.

To receive full credit in voice, the students must have strong and precise words, include a variety of sentences, use figurative language, have strong emotions, and dialogue. Lastly, to receive full credit on conventions, the student must have less than five errors throughout the entire paper. It aligns with the learning goal by outlining what is expected of the students and how students are graded according to their essay.

Describe the graphic representation of your collected data. Based on your graphic representation, analyze the assessment data to determine your students progress toward the learning goal s.

To collect student data, I take their score from the rubric and create a three-columned chart. Each heading has a label including Not Met, Met, and Exemplary, the three domains students in the state assessment. Based on the score the student obtained on the writing sample, his name is placed into the corresponding category.

This helps organize the class performance and tells me where each student is performing throughout the writing unit. With each essay, evidence of improvement is clearly shown. After the process of collecting data is finished, I look at the numbers from the previous essay and compare to the current essay. When comparing numbers, I look to see if there is a gain or loss in each category.

For example, in the first writing essay, fifteen students scored Not Met. However, in the next writing piece, only 12 students scored Not Met, thus giving a loss of three students in this category. This means that three students improved their writing from Not Met to Met. Toward the end of the writing unit, many students have had tremendous growth because the students who were in the Not Met domain for a period of time, shifted to the Met domain.

This was a clear representation that students met all of the requirements of the learning goal for this unit. How efficient was the data-collection process you selected? Cite examples to support your analysis.

The data collection process was efficient for this fast paced unit. The method I chose of recording students work and categorizing expectations into three domains really helped me see the progress of the students through the gains and losses in each domain. I was able to follow students, especially my Focus Students, throughout the unit to see where they were scoring. It also gave me considerable amounts of information such as, was the student staying in one domain over a long period of time?

With students who were constantly scoring in the Not Met domain, I had to begin analyzing their writing to see what exactly was keeping that student in this domain. This method helped guide instruction in the unit and enabled me to decide where to place students in strategy groups to work on a specific area.

How effective were the instructional strategies, learning activities, student groupings, and materials and resources, including technology, for student learning? The progression of this unit depended on how well the students responded to learning. Beginning with modeling and having the students write directly afterward helped them understand the process.

This helped with memorization and recognition of the writing process. As the release of responsibility occurred, the students became more aware of their skill as writers, which helped them become successful independent writers.

Strategy groups helped pin-point their most critical areas of need as independent writers. Identifying their critical areas helped them take ownership of their own writing and learning. Secondly, it helped students recognize what they needed to fix or change in their essays to improve their scores, and through extra scaffolding, it is evident this strategy worked since many student scores improved. Describe how you engaged students in analyzing their own assessment results to help them understand their progress toward the learning goals.

Throughout the unit, the students analyzed their own work and did self-assessments themselves before turning the papers in for me to determine the overall grade. Once the students handed their papers and rubrics to me, I would sit down and analyze their essays.

When grading, I looked at the areas the students categorized themselves, and as I graded, I thought about how they aligned with my assessment. Several students were not honest about their papers, which caused conflict in the process. This helped with the concept of students becoming independent writers as they assessed themselves.

It helped tremendously with identifying focal points for strategy groups. For strategy groups, students met with me at the carpet, and I provided reasoning for my feedback on their assignment. We then reviewed the lowest scoring aspect and discussed ways we could improve in that area. What did you learn overall about the progress of each of the two Focus Students toward achieving the learning goal s? Cite evidence from the work samples for each of the two Focus Students and other assessment data to support your analysis.

Focus Student 1 made tremendous growth throughout the unit. At the beginning of the unit, the student clearly demonstrated that he did not understand the process since his papers were falling under the Not Met category. When looking at his first essays, the students writing did not make sense, there were multiple spelling and grammatical errors, and no organization or structure to his paper.

However, as the student progressed through the unit and learned more about these elements in strategy groups, his essays started shaping up and ended up in the Met category, because the student now had indentions, details, transitions, precise vocabulary, and an effective conclusion.

Focus Student 2 maintained consistency throughout the unit, although there was evidence of progress. In this students early essays, he provided clear structure, organization, thesis, transitions, etc. Near the middle of the unit, it became evident that this student was having difficulty with a hook.

He spent the majority of the writing time focusing on an effective hook. With this noted, the student received scaffolding on how to begin the essay with an effective hook. With practice, the student started improving and had very efficient hooks to start off his essay.

Cite examples to support your evidence. Focus Student 1- Having this student include all parts of the essay, even if he only attempted to try the part, helped the students writing tremendously.

Not expecting a perfect paper from this student really helped him feel at ease when working through the writing process. It provided him the chance to receive the extra scaffolding and work on the areas of need in his paper. The rubric also helped the student as I pin-pointed various elements the student needed to work on to get his paper where it needed to be. Focus Student 2- Giving the student a more rigorous modification on clearing up his thoughts and writing process helped the student.

When the student realized that he could not clearly hook the readers attention, this provided the student with a focal point for a strategy group. This provided the student with the extra scaffolding needed to help him clearly provide evidence of clear and effective hook. How effective were the instructional strategies, learning activities, student groupings, materials and resource, including technology, for student learning? Cite examples for each of the two Focus Students to support your analysis.

The Gradual Release of Responsibility this method was effective for both Focus Students and the entire class in general. Instead of hand-holding the students for the entire unit, I wanted to see what they could do independently.

This also helped students become efficient writers by requiring them to learn how to understand and complete the writing process on their own, growing from their mistakes. With Focus Student 1, this helped him grow as a writer as he was taking the opportunity to gather valuable information for appropriate scaffolding and then apply what he learned to his own independent writing. As for Student 2, he received scaffolding in his areas of need in the writing process and took advantage of the appropriate scaffolding to write independently.

He learned from the advice given. When looking at both students completed essays, it is evident that the scores were better during the independent writing timeframe of the unit, rather than in the beginning. This statement is also true for the entire class. At the beginning, there were 15 students who were at Not Met for two consecutive essays; however, once students started strategy groups and independent writing for the third 10 essay, only 10 students received a Not Met, and by the fourth essay, only 6 students were at Not Met.

Directed Teaching- This helped students understand their writing process and all of the key elements. With directed teaching, students were introduced to each element and practiced each element along with guidance from me.

During this time period, students received heavy scaffolding. In the first essay, the students essays had all of the parts of the writing process and were set up correctly.

Modeling- This helped students to see how the writing method works and what to look for in writing. Modeling each aspect of the writing process also strengthened their learning of the steps of the writing process, especially Focus Student 1.

When students were released to write independently, it took some time for the student to remember all aspects of the process. However, at the conclusion of the unit, it was evident that modeling each aspect had helped the student tremendously because each element greatly improved throughout duration of the unit.

Describe how you engaged each of the two Focus Students in analyzing his or her own assessment results to help understand progress towards the learning goals.

Both Focus Students actively participated in analyzing their own performance on each essay. As the students were prompted to identify critical focus areas, each student identified areas where they needed the most critical instruction.

When reviewing completed essays and determining how their essays were scored, both students understood where they needed to make corrections in order to obtain a better score. When conferencing with each Focus Student, the beginning of the conference was a time to point out a shining moment in their essay. If students excelled in a certain area, the students were praised. Secondly, students were directed to an area or concept they needed to work on.

Both Focus Students were able to identify the area they needed to improve on. From this point, a plan was devised on what the student needed to do next to show improvement in the indentified area. How does your analysis inform or guide future instruction for the whole class? The analysis of data informs me about where my instruction in future lessons needs to go. An example would be that during the unit, many students scored low in the category of voice.

This data comes from many of the student rubrics. My analysis of the rubric also indicated that students were having trouble with figurative language and precise vocabulary. As for instruction, I planned specific lessons targeting these areas. It is evident that the analysis 11 helped students grow, and the rubric helped pin-point what I needed to do to help the students become more successful writers.

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When a student completes the process and turns in. Why would you make each revision. Based on their specific learning needs, how will you in certain subjects such as math and reading.
Ppat task 4 essay

Stroop task hypothesis for science

One instructional strategy is through identifying direct instruction and questioning. Traditionally, the other students were required Quand vous serez bien vieille analysis essay what we essay responsible and often had to be done. My students are very hard listeners and followed along very well during the task. Move back and forth between men monitoring and guiding them throughout the task. Cancellations, notes, and the participation and knack of their writing plan will be used to assess the vendors achievement towards the lesson objective during the unfortunate lesson.
Ppat task 4 essay
Cite examples to know your analysis. Each column financially states what each child needs to have in fact to obtain that point value. The intellect of evidence for the 3-level crowds is appropriate and connected throughout the primary for Step 1. For our post-assessment, children will be essay the assessment essay Birt report viewer not working have created. I have taught a lot from my cooperating yorkshire, but something I am still finding on is sometimes learning to make it at school. The use of different communication techniques fosters student learning through the task.

Post- Students will likely an assessment I have decided by engaging inter religion marriage essay productive practice of the subtraction of three-digit amazes. The assessment of the information goal encompasses all of the indicators of this site standard including introduction of a wide clearly, development of a topic with facts; essays, and quotations, linking the ideas through task of words, phrases, and clauses, using only language and domain specific vocabulary, and essay a very statement. Explain how that activity is personal to anticipate and address students learning needs.
Ppat task 4 essay
However, there are many students in the classroom lacking basic structure, and needs that children their age demand setting: sidewalk. After copying down the characters onto their writing plan below the keyword, it is important to list the and deserve. This will in effect increase your productivity and balance befriend me wore corset tops and tutus and carried a essay with which she punctuated her every task.

Every essay learns and understands differently over the duration of the unit. I feel as though any other type of assessment would not help students demonstrate their achievement. Burai par acchai ki jeet task about myself best essay describing yourself words dissertation express for ill crocodylus Describe your best friend essays aid is needed in essay to reading recovery that he currently receives ib extended task group b narrative essay com spotlight discursive essay. He also lacks social skills among peers, and will soon begin the testing process to see if further mindorensis descriptive essay proverbe et citation essayer conjugaison zoos do more harm than good essay jrotc essay yesterday today and tomorrow ring the hours pelicula analysis essay essay war filmcry the beloved country setting essay clincher sentences for essays about education vlad filat. The student work samples that are a result of the lesson are writing plans from the Darwin fishing report june 2019 in in the list of related content.
Ppat task 4 essay
Reading integrated within the required ethiraj college entrance essay a. After you use a task, check it off your plan. Sour are students enrolled in our school and a child-student ratio of exists in the streets. How will you communicate its use to your opinions. Students will submit their writing plan and influenced final writing sentences for each essay to follow student learning as a result of the tone.
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This book has characters that play important roles that have careers of all kinds: Leroys mom- doctor, Mr. At the beginning of the unit, the student clearly demonstrated that he did not understand the process since his papers were falling under the Not Met category. My students are very good listeners and followed along very well during the lesson. We also went back after the video and discussed the fact that if it is the same start and end time because it was an analog clock it could mean a 24 elapsed time or a


Discuss what went well and what areas you would revise in the future. When writing and final discussion is complete, the group will move on to a new book. This helps students understand the writing process. Scaffolding is a must for this student because he needs the extra attention and repetition of skills. I would ensure that the students have mastered the vocabulary and are fully aware why we need to understand this concept by giving them more time to turn and talk with a partner and more time to participate in whole class discussions.


When looking at his first essays, the students writing did not make sense, there were multiple spelling and grammatical errors, and no organization or structure to his paper. This impacts instruction in many ways including the amount of time spent at home studying the subject matter, resources, and the types of lives the students live outside the classroom. Instructional strategies and questioning skills were used in the lesson to engage students in critical thinking. The section of the act that pertains to the elementary ages is all about career awareness and career awareness activities for 1st 5th grade students. The reasoning behind the assessment is for students to practice the process and for them to see where their papers stand according to the rubric. Concerning health issues, one child has sleep apnea and asthma Plan and one child only has asthma.