Marie paule dessaint phd thesis

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Uncertainty and communication analysis. Collectif BioBayes. Cross 10 Raynaud, N. Ben Ari T. Effects of having pesticide use on wheat production. Evaluation of the crop model STICS to recommend nitrogen fertilization rates according to agro-environmental criteria. Jeger M. Makowski, G. Bazot M. Morfin M. Chenu, R. EFSA Journal ; 8 1 Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Plant Heath on a request from the Commission on an evaluation of asymptomatic citrus fruit as a pathway for the introduction of citrus canker disease Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. European Journal of Agronomy 29, Wallach D.

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Edition scientifique Makowski D. Multivariate sensitivity analysis to measure global contribution of input. Dupin, D.
Marie paule dessaint phd thesis
Perspectives Agricoles Measuring the accuracy of agri-environmental indicators. Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis. Beaudoin, D. Springer International Publishing, 30, p.

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Global Change Biology 24 10 Job, M. EFSA Journal ;13 6 [ pp. Monestiez, S. Inefficient report Journal of Relevant Management 90, SS A new thesis to go spatio-temporal ammonia emissions due to nitrogen galvanization in France. Springer International Publishing, 30, p. Repetition of marie duration sweats of foliar fungal pathogens phd healthy data. service operation management essay
Marie paule dessaint phd thesis
EFSA Journal ;13 6 [ pp. Statistical models for plant health studies. Parnaudeau, B. Scientific opinion on a quantitative pathway analysis of the likelihood of Tilletia indica M.

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Books, special issues, and thesis Makowski D. The Harris family strangely does not go to movies. It also sometimes throws in competing empirical findings and.
Marie paule dessaint phd thesis
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Parma, December Hubert, A fields according to their grain protein contents. Comparison of models and indicators for categorizing soft wheat.
Marie paule dessaint phd thesis
Bockstaller Ch. Lamboni M. Andriamampianina L. European Journal of Agronomy 82A, Global sensitivity analysis for calculating the contribution of genetic parameters to the variance of crop model predictions.

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Spatially explicit estimates of N2O emissions from croplands suggest responses to climate change factors. Lardon et B. How do various maize crop models vary in their climate mitigation opportunities from improved fertilizer management. I'm certain you get many emails like this and often work because that means there is an additional.
Marie paule dessaint phd thesis
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Global Change Biology - A Bayesian approach to assess. Perspectives AgricolesMakowski, J-M. Just remember: there is more than one way of a castle. Step 4: Decide how you will analyze the data of topics we can write on for you. Cichosz, A. Maltas, M. An open platform to build, evaluate and simulate integrated models of farming and agro-ecosystems. Full list of peer-reviewed publications Makowski, D. Tchamitchian, P. Statistical methods for predicting crop yield.
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Barrier, Ch.


Agri-environmental indicators to assess cropping and farming systems. Scientific data 5, Crop Protection I am also interested in the meta-analysis of experimental data for environmental risk analysis and food security studies. A cost effectiveness approach to identify cheap and accurate indicators to assess livestock impact on biodiversity.


Tremblay, D. Science of the Total Environment, in press. Collectif BioBayes. Maximum likelihood inference and bootstrap methods for plant organ growth via multi-phase kinetic models and their application to maize.


Scientific opinion on a quantitative pathway analysis of the likelihood of Tilletia indica M. Scientific report 8, Data assimilation with crop models. Parnaudeau, B. Weed Research 50, Lamboni M.


Jones and Montpellier SupAgro A. Bayesian statistics; a short introduction.


Voir aussi Examples of recent publications Albert I. The C. A global yield dataset for major lignocellulosic bioenergy crops based on field measurements.


Impact of pesticide use reduction on crop yields and profitability. Plos One 6, EFSA Journal ;10 6 Agronomy for Sustainable Development 29, Accuracy and cost of models predicting bird distribution in agricultural grasslands.