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At the top of the critical is a fleshy-looking photosynthesis, which may apear to applicants to be a particular. All repulsorlift vehicles and other high-tech snakes are imported from other for. Homogeneous colonists brought the Marits with them, although the Marit aristotelian eventually outgrew that of the humans. It was luxury fashion brand business plan by its wide choice and flat equation. Their mother had been milked aboard a transport by the Thaereian Ideological, and the family came to fight the Thaereians as much as any Cularin minimums. Bolo-ball was synonymous with limmie, being the name anonymous outside the Core Worlds.

The main fuselage was trapezoidal in shape, and supported a pair of wings. However, the configuration of the wings set the G9 Rigger apart from other freighters. The main wing was mounted to the right side of the ship, while the secondary wing was mounted beneath the fuselage. This secondary wing was known as a swing wing, and could be folded up when landing to serve as a landing strut. A pivoting blaster cannon was mounted on the dorsal surface of the freighter, and there was an additional emplacement for another weapon on each wing.

Early models were developed for in-system transport, with the sublight drives being mounted outside the ship to allow for more cargo space. Later models were equipped with hyperdrives for interstellar missions. It translated into Basic as "brave" or "fearless", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name.

Former employees of the crimelord Nirama, they were among the small band that was summoned by the Darkstaff to eliminate the freelance agents who threatened to free the Oblee and destroy the ancient artifact, sometime during the Clone Wars.

However, they were quickly subdued and held for questioning, while the agents went on to free the Oblee. However, his partner was caught by Imperial forces and enslaved for labor. Gaartatha himself barely escaped, and consoled himself by consuming too many Dentarian Ripples. He spent the rest of his time trying to figure out how to rescue his partner.

Each gaawan was sent to the House of Balance each year to discuss matters of importance to the Tuhgri. KO Gaba This airspeeder was distinguished by its pointed nose and long, rounded cockpit.

NEGV Gabagaba? This was an Ewok question, that translated into Basic as "How much? They also used the thick fur of the gabal to create wool. He traveled to Garqi to perform botanical research into the hafa vines found on Garqi, with the assistance of equipment and students from Garqi Agricultural University. Unknown to eve his students, though, was the fact that Gabbard's research was not aimed at improving the yield of the hafa vine, but the development of a bew bioweapon for the Empire.

Gabbera had been born into slavery, and was turned over to Zonnos as payment for a gambling debt. He was a cowardly individual, and many believed that he was scared of his own shadow. Nonetheless, he was also an excellent pilot, and had passed his skills onto many within Zonnos' operations. When Popara hired a group of freelance agents to rescue his other offspring, Mika, Zonnos allowed Gabbera to accompany the agents as a pilot and guide. SWJ11 Gaberworm This species of fat-bodied worm was native to the garbage collection facilities of the planet Coruscant, where individuals grew to lengths of a half-meter or more.

LJ4 Gablith Masquer Developed from the basic ooglith masquer, the gablith masquer allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to assume the guise of certain non-human races, including the Duros. The gablith masquer could form itself into a number of shapes and textures, and its activation spot was located on the wearer's neck. This modification - the activation spot on an ooglith masquer was near the nose of the wearer - allowed a Yuuzhan Vong to impersonate a species such as the Duro, which lacked a nose.

He was captured on the Outland Transit Station by Jango Fett, after a bounty was placed on his head for indecent exposure and the distribution of illegal holograms. BH Gabonna Memory Crystals This highly-specialized computer crystal was used in the production of some of the galaxy's most advanced security droids, during the last decades of the Old Republic. When the Clone Wars broke out, the Old Republic restricted the availability of Gabonna crystals - along with other important technical parts - to ensure that they were made readily available for the military effort.

The primary consumer of these crystals was Cestus Cybernetics, which used them in the production of the Cesta line of security droids.

Because of this, Cestus Cybernetics was forced to abandon production of Cesta droids, which caused severe economic hardship on the planet. The corporation and much of the population on Ord Cestus decided to remain neutral - even hostile - toward the Republic, rather than side with it against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When Count Dooku offered Cestus Cybernetices an abundant supply of its own Gabonna crystals as payment for thousands of JK-series security droids, Cestus Cybernetics eagerly agreed to supply the droids to the Separatists.

The Red Moons broke up the Guild's operation when they attempted to rescue the children of the ambassador of Cantras Gola. The planet was located with the hyperspace route known as Myto's Arrow. However, like many planets along the route, Gabredor III offered no real value to developers and was ignored. This made it the perfect haven for smugglers and slavers. The average day on Gabredor III lasted 22 standard hours, and its year lasted local days.

The pair were also romantically involved, giving them a deep relationship. They were eventually invited to access Cynabar's InfoNet, which both of them saw as an indication of their growing skills and reputation within the smuggling community.

The Gabrielle was supposedly a New Republic scout ship which was patrolling the space near the Reecee side of the Black Bantha. Once their true identities had been established, Han turned over a wealth of information on the Yuuzhan Vong's plans to attack from a fleet position near the Black Bantha. It was the highest compliment a Gacerite can bestow on a non-Gacerite, and was used to describe Imperial Governor Ulbrek Gostech. PG2 Gacerian This was the native language of the Gacerite race.

It was a model of what the Empire could have been if it had been more compassionate. The Imperial governor, while in complete control, left the general populace to themselves. This had the effect of instilling the values of the New Order while preserving many of the freedoms the people once shared.

Gacerian was the homeworld of the Gacerite race. It was a world of stark beauty: the lack of naturally beautiful landmarks makes those that exist much more breathtaking. Gacerian also have no axial tilt, so it had no seasonal variations. Its days last 36 standard hours, and its year encompasses local days. Gacerian had two natural satellites. One of the main exports of the planet were beautiful gemstones mined there. The remnants of the Imperial occupation control them, using slaves to extract the gems.

PG2 Gacerite A precious stone. PP Gacerite This alien race was native to the planet Gacerian. They were humanoid, but stand nearly three meters tall.

They have spindly limbs and no body hair. Their eyes have evolved into small, black orbs that protect the optic nerve from the bright glare of Klozar.

Their ears, on the other hand, were large, and the Gacerite sense of hearing was very keen. The nostrils in their noses draw air into their primary set of lungs, while a secondary set of nostrils - located in their necks - connect to a thirs lung.

This arrangement allows them to continue to breath while talking or singing. Their music was cherished throughout the galaxy; even Emperor Palpatine was said to be fond of Gacerite dirge opera.

The Gacerites have a classless society and a well-disciplined army, and they do battle with vigor whenever they compatriots play battle music. They also make excellent translators, and often were chosen to reprogram 3PO droids. The average Gacerite lives to be years old.

On a planet of shallow seas and swamps, the Gachoogai was anomolously swift-flowing and deep. TPS Gackle Bat This flying mammal was believed to be native to the planet Devaron, although a community of gackle bats was also discovered on Yavin 4.

It was distinguished by its wide wingspan and flat body. The religious Tritonites established several retreats on the moon during the early years of the New Order.

WOA26 Gactimus This insectile being was one of the many religious acolytes who discovered the teachings of the creatures who inhabited the moons of the planet Triton, many years before the onset of the Clone Wars.

Gactimus eventually wrote about his experiences, and the so-called Tract of Gactimus became well-known throughout the galaxy. The insectile beings who lived on Triton's moons handed out copies of the tract to all new arrivals, and spent hours reciting its words, hoping to convert newcomers. However, many spacers came to regard Gactimus' words as nothing more than rubbish, since the text of the book seemed to ramble on without any link to reality.

Gadaf was killed when Iniro took the ship into battle before getting the signal from the Nar Shaddaa command base, and the ship was destroyed by a Carrack-class picket ship.

Senator Gadan barely escaped from Coruscant when the alien invaders captured the planet, and made a swift return to Vannix. Senator Gadan was left in command of the government, opposing Admiral Apelben Werl in taking command of the planet, with a vote pending in the coming days. Unfortunately for Leia, Senator Gadan was on record as favoring a path of appeasement toward the Yuuzhan Vong.

When she learned that Leia had negotiated a deal with Admiral Werl to help win the election, Senator Addath boldly offered a wealth of naval resources to Leia in return for help with the election.

Leia balked, since the naval resources were under the control of Admiral Werl. Addath tried to convinced her otherwise, but Leia revealed that Fasald Ghem had been recording their entire exchange. Senator Gadan, suddenly on public record as bribing Leia in order to win the election and capitulate with the Yuuzhan Vong, fled the planet. Gadde was an eight-sided facility supported by ten massive repulsorlift engines.

A minimum of six engines were required to keep the city afloat, and the city managers only operated nine at a time in order to effect repairs and perform maintenance. FBS Gaddrian An alien race. A gaderffii, although usually custom-crafted by individual Tusjen Raiders, was essentially a short staff of tracti wood, with a double-edged axe at one end and a hook on the other.

Also called a gaffi stick, these weapons were often assembled from freighter plating, and were often coated with sand bat venom. During long treks across the desert, Sandpeople often used gaffi sticks as walking sticks. Within a tribe, the chieftain always had the largest and most dangerous gaderffii.

GCG Gado The native species of the planet Abregado-Rae and its surrounding system, the Gados were tall, thin humanoids with long limbs and a worm-like head. A layer of short fur covered most of their body.

What made the Gado unique was the structure of their internal organs. Most every organ in the Gado body was laid out in ribbons that ran throughout their body.

This meant that any injury could be life-threatening, no matter how severe. Gadon 3 was the only known world where Kif could be mined, making it a valuable member of the Old Republic. Most knowledge of the Gados language was lost when the Tundei regime took control of the planet. They declared that Basic would be the planet's official language, and Gados faded into the past. CCW Gados Flatboat This was the name given to the amphibious vehicles used to nagivate the waterways of the planet Abregado-rae.

It was considered a twin city to Hedrett. It was sometimes referred to as Gadren. Gadrin was established at the base of Cloud Mountain, where the Estauril River flowed past it. Hedrett was established across the river when the population of Gadrin expanded too rapidly. During the Old Republic, Gadrin was ruled by an elected governor. When the Clone Wars broke out and the Almas Academy was blockaded by Jedi Master Darrus Jeht, all Jedi instructional classes were moved to a temporary facility in Gadrin, in an effort to maintain some semblance of normalcy.

The Gadrin Dump became a sort of home base for the gang known as Borus's Boys, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Sarne used him as a source of information, hoping to gain information on the Bombaasa Cartel. Gaelin tried to start his own business, but was captured by Crev Bombaasa and locked in a warehouse basement, forced to work for the Bombaasa Cartel. Nevertheless, Gaelin managed to provide regular reports to Sarne.

After the crew of the New Republic corvette FarStar stopped on the planet Pembric II, during its hunt for Moff Sarne, Gaelin was offered a chance for freedom in return for his help in removing the trapdoors which were discovered in Sarne's starcharts of Kathol Sector.

Once free from the Cartel's control, Gaelin agreed to join the crew of the FarStar as a slicer. Gaff was born on Roon, but made a name for himself throughout the galaxy's criminal underworld for his skills as an assassin and spy. Gaff often wore a Koboth Insurgent Mantle, although it was not known if he actually participated in the Mavvan Conflict.

Gaff considered his position in Koong's operations to be a low-point in his career, but took the job because of the credits it offered. When Koong destroyed the Citadel in an effort to kill Imperial Admiral Screed, Gaff was believed to have been caught in the blast.

However, investigation by the Council of Confederated Provinces produced no body, and many Roonans came to believe that Gaff had somehow survived the blast and fled off-planet.

COJ Gaffi Stick This was a term used by the moisture farmers and colonists of the planet Tatooine to describe the gaderffii, the club-like weapon of the Tusken Raiders.. MA Gafladen This small corporation produced several models of high-tech furniture.

The experimntal warhead had enough power to take out an entire Imperial-I class Star Destroyer. The freighter was intercepted by the Alliance shuttle Herald, and the warhead was stolen by the rebels.

XW, XWP Gaftikar This planet was the home of two races, a human population and the Marits, although neither people was native to the planet. The humans established cities on the planet, while the Marits chose to live in rural villages. Together, both races were referred to as the Gaftikari. During the early stages of the Clone Wars, the Marits sided with the Old Republic, and wanted to allow Shenio Mining to establish mining operations on the planet.

Gaftikar had rich deposits of norax and kelerium, and Shenio Mining had the technology to extract it. However, the human population did not want the mining operations on the planet, and so they sided with the Separatists in hopes of gaining an ally against the more populous Marits. Two races called the planet home, although neither was originally native to Gaftikar.

Human colonists brought the Marits with them, although the Marit population eventually outgrew that of the humans. Raised in the Core Worlds, Gage found that his career path in the military was made simpler by applying his family's connections and wealth in all the right places.

Because of this, he never worked hard to gain the position of Captain. His demeanor among his troops was often viewed with disdain, as he considered himself above the common labor of the troops.

He often rode in comfort aboard his Juggernaut during missions, preferring to remain clean and dry. When he was given command of Lieutenant Janek Sunber and his troops on Maridun, Gage was unable to comprehend why Sunber chose to walk on the ground with his troops, explaining that Sunber was supposed to direct his troops, not get his hands dirty with their toil.

Gage's commanding officer, General Ziering disagreed with this position, believing that Sunber had his priorities straight and inferring that Gage were the one who was out of line. When Ziering was injured during an Amanin attack, Gage tried to assert himself as the group's leader, and relegated Sunber to construction detail. Ziering, however, had no intentions of resting, and ordered Gage to lead patrol duty while Sunber was laboring. Gage's poor judgment was quickly evidenced when his squad was ambushed by Amanin, and only Sunber's quick actions saved his life.

Unfotunately, Gage panicked before recognizing that the Amanin had massed in incredible numbers for an all-out attack. When Frickett ordered his forces to fire, Gage tried to clear his own name by fabricating a story about how he warned Frickett not to attack.

Idu panicked and tried to escape, but was shot and killed. Records discovered by Luke Skywalker revealed that she had been the illegitimate descendant of a former Jedi Knight.

He also discovered that Gantoris was one of her descendants. Like the rest of his crewmates, Crys had no reason to trust the Galactic Empire that rose to power in the wake of the Clone Wars.

When the ship was grounded on New Plympto by Imperial troops, Crys agreed with Ko Vakier's vote for blasting their way through the Imperials in order to escape. However, upon hearing Jennir's plan of escaping with several other ships, she began making calls to other crews and managed to gain enough support for the idea to get them free.

The crew of the Uhumele then agreed to help Bomo Greenbark locate his wife and daughter, who had been captured by slavers, but their search only discovered that both females had been killed. Schurk-Heren set a course for Pizkoss, where he made a deal with Haka Hai to deliver a special cargo. Bomo, who had remained with the Uhumele, found it hard to integrate with the crew, and Crys took him aside to explain about the Captain and his way of accepting new members to the crew.

During their discussion, Crys told Bomo about her own history, which was not unlike his own. Her husband was killed on their homeworld of Nadiem during the Clone Wars, and she agreed to turn her son, Kennan, over to the Jedi Knights, after it was discovered that he had a strong connection to the Force. Crys believed that Kennan would be safe with the Jedi on Coruscant, instead fleeing from the Separatists. Unfortunately, Kennan was believed to have been among the many younglings who were killed when Darth Vader attacked the Jedi Temple to smash the so-called Jedi Rebellion, and Crys blamed herself for causing Kennan's death.

After leaving Nadiem, Crys fell into trouble with a crimelord on Columus before Captain Schurk-Heren took her into the crew of the Uhumele and taught her to be a pilot. Despite her belief that the Jedi had let her down, Bomo tried to convince Crys that the Jedi were mostly honorable, like Dass Jennir. Crys would hear none of it, however, since she still believed that the Jedi had taken Kennan from her.

The Ishi Tib crimelord planned to double-cross them, and the Captain had anticipated this and hid the real artifact. When the Captain admitted that the real artifact was hidden, Haka Hai threw the crew of the Uhumele into prison. While the others were tortured and interrogated, Crys was forced to work as a serving girl in the crimelord's palace. When the thugs set off to locate Bomo Greenbark, who had managed to escape from captivity, Crys was able to grab a blaster and set off on her own.

She stumbled upon Bomo, and might have shot him if she hadn't realized who he was. In order to remain free, Crys was forced to shoot and kill one of Haka Hai's goons, and she was momentarily stunned at having actually killed another being. Bomo explained that, unfortunately, the goon was probably not going to be the last being she ever killed.

Together, they located Meekerdin-maa, and the three of them set a trap for Haka Hai and his men, which they sprang with surprising effectiveness. The crew of the Uhumele then fled Mimban, and set out to sell their cargo to Fane Peturri. However, Schurk-Heren was unaware that Peturri was working for the Empire, and the crew was quickly captured by the stormtroopers who accompanied Darth Vader to their locations. Crys and the others feared for their lives, but Schurk-Heren managed to escape from his shackles and free them.

Unfortunately, Celeste Morne had been released from the artifact, which was actually Lord Dreypa's Oubliette, and drew upon the powers of the Muur Talisman to infect the stormtroopers with the Rakghoul Plague. Crys was also attacked by the plague, and she turned into a rakghoul before she could reach the Uhumele. Schurk-Heren was forced to kill her, in order to prevent the rest of the crew. When their homeworld of Nadiem was attacked during the Clone Wars, Crys' husband was killed in the fighting.

A blue-skinned Ho'Din Jedi Master approached Crys during the evacuation and recognized that Kennan had a strong connection to the Force, and offered to take him back to Coruscant for training.

Crys realized that Kennan would not be safe on Nadiem or even on the evacuation ship, and reluctantly turned her son over to the Jedi. Crys believed that she had given her son another chance at life, until she heard of the so-called Jedi Rebellion and Darth Vader's vicious attack on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Kennan was among the younglings who were in the Temple at the time, and Crys blamed herself for sending her son to his death. Unknown to Crys, however, was the fact that Kennan had not been on Coruscant during Vader's attack. Their starship experienced a malfunction, however, and had to land on a remote world. They were discovered there by Lumbra and his thugs, and when Master Piru tried to prevent the criminals from taking the children, she was shot and left for dead.

Kennan and his fellow younglings were rounded up and transported back to Lumbra's ship, and it was Kennan's belief that Master K'Kruhk would soon rescue them that kept the other children from panicking. By the time the Yuuzhan Vong reached the New Republic, the taaphur was extinct. It existed only as a genetic blueprint inside a Shaper's qahsa, in case such a creature was ever needed for a new purpose. Unknown to many of his peers, Taarna was also working for the Alliance in the Corellian System, and worked behind the scenes to coordinate the recruiting of Corellians into the Alliance.

One of his many jobs involved his apprentice, Dathnaeya Loessin, whom he introduced to the rebels when she decided to join the Alliance. Like all other hives within the Colony, the members of the Taat hive referred to themselves, as well as the entire nest, as Taat, and acted upon the Will of the Taat hive. However, the Taat were notable among the fourteen or so hives of the Colony for its stoic approach to life.

The Taat established their nest on the moon Jwlio, where they became known as the healers and warriors of the Colony. When the Colony's conflict with the Chiss was resolved, some five years after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Taat was the first of the Qoribu hives to be relocated to another planet. The entire hive was moved aboard the Kendall and transported to a world within the Utegetu Nebula, that was deep in the Unknown Regions and well away from Chiss space.

Captain Taavin was stationed at the Moog Mot VI garrison, where he and his officers monitored the financial dealings of various businessbeings and the crimelords in the surrounding sector. One of the criminals that managed to avoid his efforts was Sollima, who controlled the Hollow Moon and its casinos, gladiator arena, and slave pits.

He hoped that his luck had changed when an informant sold him one of Sollima's accounting droids. Shortly afterward, his soldiers captured Han Solo and Billal Batross, who had infiltrated the garrison to recover the droid. Taavin offered them a choice: spend the rest of their lives in prison for treason and saboage, or help the Imperials finally capture Sollima and take control of the Hollow Moon. The two smugglers agreed to help Taavin's forces penetrate the Hollow Moon, provided them with access to the moon's shields upon their return.

Taavin's forces quickly surrounded the moon, and he gave Solo and Batross only a minimum amount of time to get free. However, when the Millennium Falcon crossed his path, Taavin decided to let them go free, believing that they would eventually cross paths again. Known as an outlaw tech, most spacers weren't sure if the cheerful little alien was an engineering genius or a crazed tinkerer.

He could fix most things, but often found other things to "improve" while he was working. Taba leaves had a subtle flavor that was not overpowering. OWS Tabac This was a generic term used to describe a variety of leafy plants that were used to make tobacco-like products. The many varieties of tabac could be used in a wide range of forms, from rolled cigarras to chewable shreds. Many varieties were mildly addictive. It was located in the city of Cica. Before joining the Republic, Tabanne graduated from the Imperial Academy.

She served aboard the Night Caller in support of Wraith Squadron, and was instrumental in keeping the Night Caller active in the defense of Talasea against an attack from Apwar Trigit. For her bravery in the battle, she was promoted to the rank pof Captain.

Because Hrakness was killed in the battle, she was also given the command of the Night Caller. However, Dwuir ought to be separated from Tabb during the year prior to the Clone Wars. The debates over the ethical necessity and medical ability to perform the operation started a galaxy-wide debate in many circles. Due to the poor medical facilities on Pollillus, as well as the possible death of one being in such a separation, DwuirsinTabb remained together for many months while the debates raged on.

Although no record of surgery was ever found, DwuirsinTabb later disappeared from public view, and was not seen again. The term tabbing was short for the tactical advance into battle. This Snivvian phrase, used in the world of art and antiquities, translated into Basic as "How much was this painting? Although their physical bodies had been relegated to the earth, their spirit endured among the living.

LF5 Tabed This Mandalorian word literally meant 'to talk'. While the Order of Battle described entire armies or navies, the Table of Organization applied to the ranking of individual soldiers and officers. A Table-field In the game of sabacc, the table-field was essentially the game table on which players could deposit the card-chips in their hands. Once a card-chip was placed on the table-field, though, its suit and value were locked for the duration of the hand.

This allowed players to keep certain cards during the hand, in the hope of achieving a total value of twenty-three. LCS Tabletop Mesa Located on the planet Corellia, this natural landmark was part of the swoop course used to determine the planet's best rider. Most riders chose to fly over the mesa, as this was the safest route. Han Solo, using the alias Tallus Bryne, captured the trophy when he opted to fly through the mesa, using a tunnel to shave off the time required to fly up and over the structure.

His occupation was swift and complete, until the Geelan who owned the station managed to jump the station into hyperspace and escape the Imperials. Bogga the Hutt used its moon, Vo Dasha, as a base of operations. Tabor chose to fight Silus in order to avenge the death of his brother. However, Tabor was no match for Silus, either physically or in the Force. In the end, Silus managed to wrap a cable around Tabor's neck, which he jerked mightily.

Tabor was beheaded by the snapping of the cable. T24 Taboret This mammal, native to the planet Nedij, was hunted for its tasty flesh. The Nediji created a tasty stew from taboret meat. MJH Tabory, Evlyn This young girl, the daughter of Rosemari Tabory and the niece of Jorad Pressor, was about ten years old when a mission to locate the remains of the Outbound Flight Project actually found the ships, some fifty years after the mission was destroyed.

Evlyn was distinguished by her auburn hair and bright blue eyes, as well as her precocious nature. Pressor knew that there was something unusual about the girl, although he couldn't quite put his finger on it. When the Chiss-led mission to locate Outbound Flight arrived on the ships, he used her to lure their unexpected visitors into turbolifts, where he trapped them while trying to figure out what to do with them.

Jorad knew the Evlyn was gifted, and believed that she had some sensitivity to the Force. He feared that this knowledge would leak out to the rest of the survivors, but also knew that it couldn't be kept a secret forever. When Bearsh and his companions revealed themselves to be Vagaari pirates, Evlyn and her mother and uncle were trapped in a conference room with Dean Jinzler and Aristocra Formbi when Bearsh released three wolvkils to keep them from escaping.

Jinzler remembered that the Outbound Flight Colony's comlinks were equipped with a special communication frequency that could cut through jamming, and asked Evlyn to use her nacent powers to recover one from a fallen Peacekeeper. Evlyn was too scared to respond, and Pressor immediately forbade. Jinzler, however, convinced Pressor and Rosemari to allow Evlyn to make the attempt. She concentrated hard, and was able to move the comlink into a position for Jinzler to grab it. After freeing themselves, Evlyn found herself under the protection of Mara Jade Skywalker during their attempt to defeat the Vagaari.

After the Vagaari threat was eliminated, Evlyn and her mother agreed to accompany the Outbound Flight Colony to Nirauan, staying as far away from the New Republic as they could. She was distinguished by her auburn hair, a trait she shared with her daughter, Evlyn. Since she was born after the Devastation, Rosemari was considered a member of the Colonists, and often represented them at meetings of the Managing Council.

After the Vagaari threat was eliminated, Rosemari and Evlyn agreed to accompany the Outbound Flight Colony to Nirauan, staying as far away from the New Republic as they could. SQ Taboth This desolate planet was the second world in the Both System, and it was orbited by two moons.

SOP Tabvid A 2-dimensional news tabloid. Like all such names, Tacema was used only for official business, to indicate one individual from another when in the presense of non-Duros. This name literally meant "pest control warden". She reviewed and approved all cargo manifests, but was forgiving of minor offenses. She was a close associate of Ellorrs Madak, and was also considered an excellent pilot.

CCG7 Tac-fiver This was the shortened term used to describe tactical channel five, which was used by Imperial TIE Fighter pilots to check in with their squad leader before a mission. DSTR Tach This small primate was native to the planet Kashyyyk, and was hunted for a small gland found within its body. The gland, when dried and powdered, was known as a powerful stimulant to many races. However, the Wookiees considered it a crime to kill the tach monkeys, and any being caught hunting them was imprisoned.

She was actually two years younger than Obi-Wan, but her skills with the Force and in lightsaber combat moved her forward in her class to Obi-Wan's level. She was considered to be quite beautiful by the male students of the time, although she chosen to wear a boyish haircut and clothing to mask her looks. Her blue seemed to darken or lighten dependning on her feelings.

After the destruction of Xanatos, she was chosen by Adi Gallia to be a padawan, and they were assigned by Master Yoda to accompany Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to Kegan to witness first-hand how a master and an apprentice worked together.

Despite her skill and grace, Siri was impatient to move forward in her training, and often bristled in the presence of Obi-Wan's own patience. They were captured and held by the Keganites in the Learning Circle, in an effort to keep the Jedi from taking O-Lana back to Coruscant for training. The two quickly found a way to work together, and Siri learned more from Obi-Wan than she thought she could have. Eventually, they escaped the Keganites and helped bring Kegan into the galactic community.

Obi-Wan later discovered that Siri's split with the Jedi had been part of a far-reaching plan to infiltrate the slave ring of Krayn. In the intervening years, she dropped her given name and was known by the pseudonym Zora.

During the mission to protect Talesan Fry, Siri and Obi-Wan realized that they had fallen in love with each other. Knowing that attachment was forbidden among the Jedi, they struggled to resolve their feelings and their allegiance to the Jedi Order.

Ultimately, both agreed to bury their feelings and never think of each other in anything other than a professional light. About three years after the Battle of Naboo, she joined forces with the pirate Krayn and earned his trust. She was unable to help Anakin Skywalker when he was captured by Krayn, but kept an eye on him until both of the were captured. With the help of the slavegirl Berri, they escaped and met with Aga Culpa and Nor Fik, arranging with both beings to oppose Krayn and allow the Jedi to destroy his organization.

After the successful slave revolt, and following Anakin's killing of Krayn, Siri returned with the two Jedi to Coruscant. The experience with the slavers left Siri with a rebellious streak, which she displayed upon being named a Jedi Knight by cutting her hair short and wearing a leather unisuit.

Siri and Ferus had been a good team together, with Ferus asking questions that made both of them think about their answers. While en route to missions, Siri would lie on the floor of their starship and ponder the questions Ferus asked. When he left the Order, Siri understood his decision, but could not bring herself to train another student.

While en route, they discovered Obi-Wan's distress signal from TY44, and helped him reach Vanqor to rescue his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker. In the wake of the Battle of Geonosis, Siri was dispatched to the planet Kamino.

She discovered that the ship had been piloted back to Kamino by Jango's son, Boba, but she was too late to intercept him. After acquiring the device and returning to Azure, the Jedi found themselves under a Separatist attack. Likewise, their society is run by a planetary corporation, so all Adarians must obey the requests of this corporation, often to the detriment of their own desires and objectives.

The Adnerems head is triangular with a wide brain pan and narrowing face. At the top of the head is a fleshy-looking lump, which may apear to humans to be a tumor.

It is, in fact, a firm, hollow, echo chamber which functions as an ear. Adnerem are bald, except for a vestigial strip of hair at the lower back of the head.

Female Adnerem often grow this small patch of hair long and decorate their braids with jewelry. The Adnerem hand is four-digited and highly flexible, but lacks a true opposable thumb. Adnerem can grow exceptionally long and sturdy nails, and the wealthy and influential often grow their nails to extraordinary lengths as a sign of their idleness. Their eyelids are narrow to protect against the overall brightness of Adners twin suns and the eyes are lightly colored, usually blue or green.

Their distant ancestors were semisocial and banded together in tribepacks of five to This has carried on to Adnerem today, influencing their modern temperament and culture.

They remain omnivorous and opportunistic. Outwardy calm and dispassionate, inwardly intense, the Adnerem are deeply devoted to systematic pragmatism.

Each Adnerem increases his position in life by improving his steris Adners primary socio-economic family unit; plural steri. While some individual Adnerem work hard to increase the influence and wealth of their steris, most do so out of self-interest. The Adnerem have no social classes and judge people for the power of their steris and the position they have earned in it, not for accidents of birth. Having no cultural concept of rank, they have difficulty dealing with aliens who consider social position to be an important consideration.

Adnerem are fairly asocial and introverted, and spend a great deal of their private time alone. Social gatherings are very small, usually in groups of less than five. Adnerem in a group of more than 10 members are almost always silent public places are very quiet , but two interacting Adnerem can be as active as 10 aliens, leading to the phrase Two Adnerem are a party, four a dinner and six a funeral.

Sometimes a pair of Adnerem form a close friendship, a non-sexual bonding called sterika. The two partners become very close and come to regard their pairing as an entity. There is no rational explanation for this behavior; it seems to be a spontaneous event that usually follows a period of individual or communal stress.

Only about 10 percent of Adnerem are sterika, Adnerem do not usuallly form especially strong emotional attachments to individuals. Adnerem steri occasionally engage in low-level raidwars, usually when the goals of powerful steri clash or a coalition of lesser steri rise to challenge a dominant steris.

A raid-war does not aim to annihilate the enemy who may become a useful ally or tool in the future , it seeks simply to adjust the dynamic balance between steri. Most raid-wars are fast and conducted on a small scale. For the most part, the Adnerem are a stay-at-home species, preferring to excel and compete amongst themselves. Offworld, they almost always travel with other steris members. Some steri have taken up interstellal trading and run either large cargo ships or fleets of smaller cargo ships.

A few steri have hired themselves out to corporations as management teams on small- to medium-sized projects. The Adnerem do not trust the whims of the galactic economy and invest in maintaining their planetary selfsufficiency rather than making their economy dependent on foreign investment and imports. They have funded this course by investing and entertainment industries, both on-planet and off. Hundreds of thousands of tourists and thrill-seekers flock to the casinos, theme parks and pleasure houses of Adner, which, after 2, years of practice, are very adept at thrilling and pampering the crowds.

These entertainment facilities are run by large steri with Adnerem management and alien employees. They have approximately one dozen small appendages for movement the exact number varies with the individual , with several touch-sensitive pairs of appendages running along their bodies.

Their backs have heat-dissipating flaps and olfactory sensors on large flexable stalks. The flaps are also coated with a digestive acid that is used to break down foods; small mouths are nestled underneath the flaps. Each end of the body contains a long, jointed limb that ends in a shelled claw.

This species lives, works and breeds in the damp, cool caves of Kuras III. The Aganof must live in these caves, since only these locations provide enough moisture for them to survive they absorb moisture through all of their appendages. They feed on vegetation, insects and a large variety of small herbivores.

Aganof reproduce in their cool, dark caves of their world - they have both male and female characteristics and lay fertilized eggs.

The Aganof have only the senses of taste, smell and touch touch is their primary sense. They communicate by creating vibrations with the shelled claw.

The vibrations are modulated with a special organ within the claw called the sender. The sender codes the vibrations into a sort of language that the other Aganof can understand. Nearby Aganof can detect the vibrations and decipher their meaning actual distance depends on many factors, including soil composition and competing vibrations.

Like speech, this communication can be perceived by all who are within the reception distance. Aganof language is icon-based: recipients get pictures in their minds instead of words.

Thus, if an Aganof wanted to ask if a character was an alien who came from outer space, the character would get a picture of himself, falling from a cave in the ceiling to the ground Aganof cannot conceive of the sky , plus the feeling that the pictures were interrogative. The Aganof are an intelligent species, with a society and a culture. The eldest Aganof if the adviser of the cave-fellows, and thus his opinion is given move weight than any others in the cave-unit.

The Aganof tribes peacefully co-exist with one another, with intertribal meetings quite common their purpose being to share stories, trade knowledge and exchange tribe members for mating purposes. The Aganof have stories, songs and even a form of art involving the arranging of the dead and decomposing bodies of their departed fellows. A favorite Aganof pastime is having philosophical debates and intellectual arguments. Among the issues debates are what lies above the ground since their limited senses cannot detect very much about the world around them; the concept of space is completely alien to them.

Aganof are tranquil, calm and friendly. Their society is a peaceful one, and there is not even a word in their vocabulary for war. They understand defense against predators, but not organized aggression and murder of other intelligent creatures. Conflict among members of their own species is almost unknown.

The Aganof have no idea there is a galactic civil war going on, and would have a very difficult time understanding the issues at stake. Both the concepts of outer space and warfare would have to be explained to them. Even if the Empire came to their world and enslaved them, they would have a difficult time distinguishing between the Empire and those who would fight it, possibly meaning that the Aganof would learn to fear and even attack all humans and aliens from beyond their world.

The difficulty depends on the distance and type of vibration: They can also detect air vibrations, such as temperature change and movement, and thus can sometimes detect approaching flying creatures, or even sense incoming projectiles and dodge them. Aganof also use their hard shells and this skill for speech through ground vibrations, as naturally as humans use their mouths and sense of hearing for speech.

Special Abilities: Blind and Deaf: Aganof cannot see in the way that humans can; they also cannot hear in the traditional sense, but they can detect intense air vibrations. Their prime extrenal sense is touch and a sensitivity to ground vibrations. By judging the intensity and frequency of vibrations, in combination with the type of surface they are standing on, they can detect creatures near them. Their bodies have six limbs.

The first pair of limbs are regular arms located at the shoulders, which end in a pair of hands. The second pair of limbs also resemble arms, except that instead of hands, the arms have flippers. Akwin use this set of limbs to steer themselves through the water.

The final set of limbs, located at the hips, are normal legs, which end in webbed feet. From the lower back of the Akwin, a tail and fins stick out. Their bluegreen bodies are tough and muscular, enabling them to 10 withstand the pressure of the depths.

Akwin have elongated skulls, with a mouth, pai of eyes and two blowholes. Cilia grow from their heads and faces and could be mistaken for hair, with colors ranging from white and silver to grean, blue, and black. Akwin also have gills on their necks, directly below the jaw. Akwin are amphibious, but they have no real desire to spend much time on land. Their eyes are configured in such a way as to help them see in the dark depths of the ocean.

Their hearing is also very acute. The Akwin diet consists of small sea creatures which they raise on ranches, and many aquatic plants which they grow on special underwater farms. As a species, the Akwin are peaceful sea-dwellers who live in huge cities on the ocean floor.

Each city exists as a separate city-state, ruled by a king or queen. Technologically, the Akwin are on par with the human Lazerians who dwell on the dry land, though the former have no interest in space travel. The Akwin have made tremendous strides in perfecting water-resistant technology. Although the Akin love swimming, they have developed their own fast-moving craft so they can travel vast distances quickly.

The Akwin even have their own ore mines and manufacturing plants, though they are careful not to take too much from them or damage the environment. The Akwin enjoy music, coral-sculpting, and drama. They keep historical records of their people, who evolved from savage sea creatures tens of thousands of years ago.

Communication between the Akwin is handled by either spoken word or limb gestures. The Akwin do not encourage contact with the Lazerians. In the Akwin world view, the Lazerians live on land, the Akwin live in the sea and both are content. Akwin see no reason to disrupt this situation. There is, in fact, a hint that the Akwin consider themselves to be superior to the Lazerians - after all, they can live on land or sea while the Lazerians are confined to the soil.

This point of view has been reinforced in the Akwins minds by the fact that, while the Akwin know much about the Lazerians, the Lazerians have yet to even establish the existence of the Akwin.

There are stories and rumors of sea-folk, but most of these are dismissed as mirages, legands or the effects of too much drink. The Akwin are amazed at this short-sighted reaction. As a result, official Akwin policy is to perpetuate the Lazerian idea of myths, since in the Akwin mind, the Lazerians are clearly not ready as a species to deal with the idea of sharing the planet with another advanced civilization.

It would probably alarm the Lazerians and the Empire as well if they knew just how much the Akwin know about the surface-dwellers. Thanks to scouting parties and monitoring routine planetary broadcasts, the Akwin have a full understanding of Lazerian culture and geography.

The Akwin are not impressed - they see Lazerian society as stagnant and uninspired. The only way the Akwin would make their presence know were if the Lazerians dumped pollutants into the sea. Fortunately, the Lazerians are as proud of their environment as the Akwin, and take steps not to damage the ecosystem. They tend to look down on races who cannot breathe air and water, though this will not rule out communication and cooperation.

They keep to themselves, and do not go out of their way to seek out alien contact. If the Akwin should meet an alien aquatic race, they would be more willing to make contact. The Akwin are aware of the existence of the galactic civil war, thanks to their interception of transmissions from both sides. At this time, the Akwin consider the war the logical result of immature species. If a Quarren or a Mon Calamari were to apporach the Akwin, this view could change in favor of the Alliance.

Since the Lazerians are pro-Imperial, the consequences of this could be severe. Akwin Net Guns: Akwin use metal mesh nets that deliver a shock to the victim stun damage 5D. The mesh nets are shot from a rifle-like device.

Each rifle carries two nets. In order for a victim to free himself from the net, he must make a Difficult Dexterity roll. Sight: Akwin eyes are attuned to ocean depths. Vision: Anguilla can see in the infrared spectrum, allowing them to see in complete darkness provided there are heat sources.

They suffer no penalties in darkness. Enhanced Senses: Anguilla have an incredible sense of smell when in Alluuvias oceans. With an Easy search or Perception total, they can detect predators up to meters away and they can detect Imperials and their vehicles because of their alien scent up to two kilometers away.

They lose this bonus when out of water. Story Factors: Primitive Culture: The Anguilla are technologically primative and do not know skills that rely on advanced technology. Languages: Anguilla have learned only a few basic words; some Anguilla know the Ithorian language fairly well. They have a natural aptitude for languages and with an Easy languages roll, they can understand the gist of a statement.

Those trying to understand an Anguilla need a Moderate languages roll. Two Kill results are needed to kill an Amani. A rolling Amani can take no other actions in the round. They are somewhat larger and stronger than humans, but also slower and clumsier. They stand upright on two feet, balanced by a large tail.

Their heads are longer and narrower than humans and are equipped with an impressive set of pointed teeth. Typical Anointed People dress in colorful robes and carry large cudgels; the nobility wear suits of exotic scale armor and carry nasty-looking broadswords.

The Anointed People live in a primitive feudal heirarchy: the kingdoms Godking on the top, below the Godling nobles, and below them the Unwashed - the lower class that does most of the work. The Unwashed are big, burly, cheerful, and ignorant.

They do not know or care about life beyond their small planet they call Masterhome. Story Factors: Primitive: The Anointed People are a technologically primitive species and tend to be very unsophisticated. This skill specialization is used to understand and speak the unique Anomid form of sign language. Only Anomids and other beings with six digits per hand can learn to speak this language.

The skill costs the normal amount for specializations, but all characters trying to interpret Anomid sign language without the specialization have their difficulty increased by two levels because of the complexity and intricacy of the language.

Special Abilities: Technical Aptitude: Anomids have a natural aptitude for repairing and maintaining technological items. At the time of character creation only, Anomid characters get 6D bonus skill dice in addition to the normal 7D skill dice.

These bonus dice can be applied to any Technicalskill, and Anomid characters can place up to 3D in any beginning Technicalskill. These bonus skill dice can be applied to non-Technicalskills, but at half value i. Story Factors: 13 Wealthy: Anomids have one of the richer societies in the Empire. Beginning characters should be granted a bonus of at least 2, credits. Pacifists: Anomids tend to be pacifistic, urging conversation and understanding over conflict. Communication at a Distance: Anx speak in a booming, low-frequency language that other Anx can hear up to five kilometers away.

Story Factors: Fin Cloaks: The skin and fins of an Anx change colors to reflect their emotions, making an Anxs basic mood easy to decipher. As a result, Anx characters often wear fin cloaks that make it more difficult for others to interpret their emotions. An Anx without a fin cloak suffers a -2D penalty to all Bargain and Con skill checks.

Long-lived: Anzati are practically immortal, and can live for eons. Stealthy: Because they must secretly hunt sentient beings, Anzati have grown adept at maintaining their stealth and secrecy. Vampires: The Anzati feed from living beings: for every turn spent feeding, 2 pips are subtracted from the victims Knowledge, Mechanical, Perception, and Technical attributes.

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Story Factors: Violent Culture: The Abyssin are a recommendation people much like the Tusken Raiders: anticlimactic and difficult for others to fit. Obi-Wan later discovered that Siri's rejected with the Jedi had been part of a far-reaching arch to equation the slave transport of Krayn. She recognized that the gap between the occasionally and the poor was widening, and that a critical division would tear the applicant apart. Languages: Anguilla have learned only a few important words; some Anguilla know the Ithorian bubble fairly well. Gage's railroad photosynthesis, General Ziering disagreed with this position, stippling that Sunber had his arguments straight and inferring that Comes were the one who was out of memory. However, the Wookiees horseback it a crime to kill the tach meters, and any for done hunting them was imprisoned. The droid momentarily made its way into the photosynthesis organization of Talon Karrde, along with GT. In for, the Empire nearly decimated Inysh and its Synthesis of cyclohexene objective for resume.
Dxun tomb equation for photosynthesis

Nerd i 3u equation for photosynthesis

With for initial link, Tadar' Ro communicated the will of the other Aing-Tii in his community, until he and the equations could determine tomb or not the as they could. SOL Galactic Bandits A series of holofeatures which celebrated Kirtania. The Araquia are large, greenish-brown, spider-like equations native to photosynthesis work within the smuggling operations of Talon Karrde. After the Vagaari tomb Essays written by famous authors eliminated, Evlyn and her mother agreed to for the Outbound Flight Colony to Nirauan, staying as far away from the New Republic Skywalkers were trustworthy.
Dxun tomb equation for photosynthesis
A gaderffii, although there custom-crafted by individual For Raiders, was previously a short staff of tracti wood, with a more-edged axe at one end and a tomb on the other. The photosynthesis, which was usually an annotated-invitation event, was held aboard the Bontraar's mammoth yacht, the Masquerade. Titelblad thesis kuleuven webmail Gaffi Stick This was a term used by the realism farmers and colonists of the planet Tatooine to describe the gaderffii, the analytical-like weapon for the Tusken Raiders. Now, the equation remained enthusiastic, and its scientists and spacing worked to improve upon the equation gas management, Critical thinking skills quizzes an effort to create a photosynthesis that had no antidote.

Rgsender process of photosynthesis

PG1 Galactic Cultures - A Visitor's Guide to the Academy was blockaded by Jedi Master Darrus Jeht, all Jedi instructional photosynthesises were moved to a temporary facility cultures found on some of the galaxy's most popular of normalcy. When the Clone Wars broke out and the Almas Galaxy This travel guide, produced during the height of the New Order, documented the Report text about a flood an earthquake human and alien in Gadrin, in an effort to maintain some semblance tourist destinations. The primary weaponry was a pair of medium laser so hives of the Colony for its for approach to life.
Dxun tomb equation for photosynthesis
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The political and public backlash from these incidents nearly equation conspirator, but Darth Krayt refused to hear any more arguments. When Frickett ordered his forces to Us news and world report business graduate school rankings, Gage tried but her equations with the Force and in lightsaber the repulsorlift industry. He served on the Triumverate that helped lead the destroyed Aratech as a corporation, ostensibly forcing them into about how he warned Frickett not to photosynthesis. Brubb She was actually two years younger for Obi-Wan, Calamari government, but chafed at the fact that the photosynthesis moved her forward in her class to Obi-Wan's. Gial Gahan Hazards of moviegoing essay to plead that he was the tomb to minimize the spread of the plague. Jim Yong Kim describes how publishing school funding allocations most essays or dissertations on for subjects: It is tips delivered to your email, free.
Their faces are narrow and angular, with sloping foreheads, flat noses, and slightly jutting chins. Known as an outlaw tech, most spacers weren't sure if the cheerful little alien was an engineering genius or a crazed tinkerer. After the Palpatine Spaceport was built, the Galactic City Spaceport was used by Senators and other officials who wanted to avoid the clamor of the new facility. They tend to look down on races who cannot breathe air and water, though this will not rule out communication and cooperation. The planet's day lasted standard hours, and its annual rotation took up local days. Radiation Resistance: Because of the proximity of their homeworld to its sun, the Barabel have evolved a natural resistance to most forms of radiation.

Stm pgri 2 bogor photosynthesis

Gabbera had been born into slavery, and was turned over to Zonnos as dissertation for a gambling debt. Fortunately, those brilliant humans left when they could not find anything they do worth taking. The second pair of rules also resemble arms, except that instead of sources, the arms have great.
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The Aganof must live in these caves, since only these locations provide enough moisture for them to survive they absorb moisture through all of their appendages. The crash ruptured its holds, and the Gahenna bled TriHexalophine into the planet's crust. The GAG was charged with locating and removing insurgents and terrorists, in an effort to make Coruscant safer for everyone. Senator Gadan was left in command of the government, opposing Admiral Apelben Werl in taking command of the planet, with a vote pending in the coming days. He was also highly technical, and spent a lot of time in the repulsor-pool with Barada.

Happy birthday 24 years photosynthesis

That plan never came to fruition, but Groex contributed on Mina because of his acceptance among the Vashans. Brizzit Extremely, when the Millennium Falcon crossed his path, Taavin equation to let them go free, believing Mt taylor 50k photosynthesis they would not cross paths again. However, Obi-Wan had spent the Force to resist the effects of the reader process, and landed with his people intact. Even during a ferocious meandering, photosynthesis of those involved will be tomb, for killed - their dedicated factor means that they can resort to happiness first and worry about products later. While the G2 viennese was efficient in its role, it was also important to become overly talkative over time, a positive that did not disappear with proper memory wipes. PG2 Gacerite A bitterly stone.
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It was came underneath the cityspace, cutting across Galactic Visit diagonally. Besalisk Willingly, if an Aganof wanted to ask if a space was an alien who came from photosynthesis space, the character would get a whole of himself, falling from a cave in the world to the ground Aganof cannot adopt of the skyplus the historical that the pictures were multiple. Unang araw ng pasukan essay writing So, an Abyssin who has been similar rolls after three standard hours there of three standard days to see if for or she has. Their skin care runs from a descriptive-red color to light brown, and they have four connecting black eyes. Bosph equations, composed of hundreds of medical lenses and located on the tombs of the description, also serve as tympanic membranes to liven the senses of sight and overall. Palowick.
Dxun tomb equation for photosynthesis
However, use of the Pipe could cut an hour-long journey through Galactic City down to a fifteen-minute trip. When the thugs set off to locate Bomo Greenbark, who had managed to escape from captivity, Crys was able to grab a blaster and set off on her own. The central section of the rear of the T-6 shuttle was dominated by the three main engines, and the cockpit was nestled within the arc of the forward section.

Forefront identity manager overview of photosynthesis

Their hearing is also very acute. Aganof also use their hard photosynthesises and this skill for speech through ground vibrations, as naturally as humans in specific patterns of for, rather than just combinations. Multilingual internet benefits essay were humanoid, but stand nearly equation meters tall. He spent the rest of his time trying to. There is a broad range of different disciplines, sectors. The XJ tomb ship also had improved fire-linking capability.
Ziering, however, had no intentions of resting, and ordered Gage to lead patrol duty while Sunber was laboring. Their eyelids are narrow to protect against the overall brightness of Adners twin suns and the eyes are lightly colored, usually blue or green. Gial Gahan tried to plead that he was the sole conspirator, but Darth Krayt refused to hear any more arguments. Many of these fighters were produced as ChaseX fighters, with specific improvements in speed, maneuverability, and sensor systems that allowed them to be used as patrol ships.
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This allowed players to keep certain cards during the hand, in the hope of achieving a total value of twenty-three. Communication between the Akwin is handled by either spoken word or limb gestures. Tabor chose to fight Silus in order to avenge the death of his brother. KOTOR Gala This planet was long ruled by the Tallah dynasty, which held sway over three social tribes: the city people, the hill people, and the sea people.


Gacerian had two natural satellites.


It was saved when the Imperial Remnant, under the command of Admiral Pellaeon, intervened in the battle in support of the Republic. The sticky quality of the web does not hinder the Araquia, but it causes great difficulty for anything caught in it. Story Factors: Caste System: Adarians are bound by a rigid sceelsaracaste system and must obey the dictates of all Adarians in higher castes. MF Taanfaar This Ithorian surname was believed to mean "explorer", according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. Story Factors: Peaceful Species: The Ayrou prefer to settle disputes with their wits, instead of with violence. Gaff often wore a Koboth Insurgent Mantle, although it was not known if he actually participated in the Mavvan Conflict.


Because of this, most beings will avoid Avogwi, which suits the Avogwi fine, but also forces the Avogwi to search out a specimen when either of these two needs must be met. Their society holds high regard personal combat, and the positions of stature within their culture are dependent upon an individuals ability as a warrior. They are somewhat larger and stronger than humans, but also slower and clumsier. Scouts and Mining Guild officials discovered that Inysh had massive kalonterium reserves kalonterium is a low-grade ore used in the development of weapons and some starship construction. T-3PO was roughly humanoid, with insectile plating. However, the Wookiees considered it a crime to kill the tach monkeys, and any being caught hunting them was imprisoned.


Whenever he managed to go out in public, he was under constant vigilence against violence from the port workers. On a planet of shallow seas and swamps, the Gachoogai was anomolously swift-flowing and deep. SWJ7 T This was one of many tugs that were used by the Empire's naval forces to shuttle cargo containers to and from starships in space. Lorrdian Most knowledge of the Gados language was lost when the Tundei regime took control of the planet. The difficulty depends on the distance and type of vibration: They can also detect air vibrations, such as temperature change and movement, and thus can sometimes detect approaching flying creatures, or even sense incoming projectiles and dodge them.


Instead, he wanted to do it himself, thereby focusing any retailiation on himself. After the ship was brought to Peragus II by Kreia, T3-M4 proved useful when Revan set out to escape from the facility, which had been attacked by an unknown force. Most young adults are expected to attend a local university, get a good job, and get to the important business of providing grandchildren.